Series and parallel connection of battery packs

1 Parallel connection of batteries: The voltage remains unchanged, the battery capacity is added, the internal resistance is reduced, and the power supply time can be extended

Battery series connection: voltage added, capacity unchanged

2 Precautions for battery series and parallel connection

Generally, battery cell pairing is required for serial and parallel use of batteries. The pairing criteria are: voltage difference of battery cells ≤ 10mV, internal resistance difference of battery cells ≤ 5m Ω, and capacity difference of battery cells ≤ 20mA.

When batteries are connected in parallel, the same type of battery must be used. The voltage of different batteries is different. After parallel connection, the high voltage battery charges the low voltage battery, consuming electrical energy.

When batteries are connected in series, the same battery should also be used. Otherwise, after batteries of different capacities are connected in series, batteries with smaller capacities will discharge the light and electricity first, leading to an increase in internal resistance. At this time, batteries with larger capacities will discharge through the internal resistance of the small capacity battery, consuming electrical energy,