Electronic Magnet

In the production and processing of electronic products, it is usually necessary to install magnets to meet their functional requirements, the magnets are combined into the appropriate shape and size of the device, the magnet and iron pieces through glue bonded into the assembled product, and then baked to complete the final design, so that the two firmly combined. When need to make more complex structure assembly magnet, the conventional process for multiple magnets on the assembly after positioning, on the magnet end coating glue, iron, and then glue on the iron, by a filled with magnet assembly inversion, two assembly up and down, make the magnet and iron patch, forming iron on both sides of the magnet, but this inversion mount complicated operation, can also may make the magnet fell out of the assembly. Electronic magnet is including permanent magnet mechanism vacuum circuit breaker, magnetic retention relay, electrical degree meter, water meter, sound meter, dry clarinet.