Other Steel Products

What are Other Steel Products?

Other steel products refer to solid straight steel products with a certain section shape and size, including wire, profile and plate, which are formed by plastic processing except pipes. It can be divided into hot rolling, cold bending, cold rolling, cold drawing, extrusion, forging, hot bending, welding and special rolling according to the production method. It can be divided into railway, shipbuilding, mining, structure and construction according to its use. According to the material can be divided into carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless steel. At the same time, these steel products can be reprocessed to form semi-finished products or finished products to meet special requirements. We can according to the customer's different needs, according to the drawings or samples for reprocessing production.

Sheet&Checkered Plate-1.jpg

Round Bar&Flat Steel-1.jpg
Steel Sheet & Checkered PlateRound Bar & Flat Steel
L & I Shape-1.jpgC & H Shape-1.jpg
L & I ShapeC & H Shape
Steel Piles & Rail-1.jpgDuctile Iron Pipe & Fittings-1.jpg
Steel Piles & RailsDuctile Iron Pipe & Fittings