R & D Center

The battery R&D center currently has over 30 engineers, most of whom are senior engineers with more than 5 years of experience in the battery industry. The R&D center includes electrochemical group, electronic group, structural group, and process group.

Division of labor for the R&D center team:

Electrochemical team: mainly responsible for the development of battery cell performance, research and development of cell production processes, and manufacturing;

Electronic group: mainly responsible for researching and developing battery management systems PCM and BMS for various application types. Develop single or multiple battery protection for various application functions based on specific applications;

Structure group: mainly responsible for cell molds, supporting plastic and hardware molds for battery packs, and designing customized power supply solutions for customers;

Process team: mainly responsible for manufacturing and packaging processes during battery production.

Customer customized battery power solutions include a battery management system, on-demand battery performance design, and a reasonable battery pack structure. For the safety and service life of batteries, it is necessary to strictly control the charging voltage, discharge voltage, charging current, discharge current, and battery temperature when charging batteries. The battery protection scheme is a high-tech and complex system that involves various protection functions. It can be designed with hardware control and software control as needed, as well as communication functions.

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