Aluminum Alloy Parts

Aluminum alloy is formed by adding a certain amount of alloy elements to the aluminum, which has high strength and good processing properties.

According to the composition and processing characteristics, the aluminum alloy is divided into deformed aluminum alloy and cast aluminum alloy.

Because of its good plastic properties, deformed aluminum alloy is often using pressure processing method to manufacture stamping parts, forging parts, such as rivets, welding fuel tank, pipe, container, engine blades, aircraft girder and landing gear, internal combustion engine piston, etc.

Cast aluminum alloy is the material used for manufacturing aluminum alloy casting, according to the main alloy elements, casting aluminum alloy is divided into aluminum and silicon alloy, aluminum and copper alloy, aluminum and magnesium alloy, and aluminum and zinc alloy. Suitable for manufacturing complex shaped parts such as pumps, motor housing, engine cylinder head, pistons, and parts on cars, aircraft, instruments, and also make daily necessities.

Material:Aluminum Alloy: ADC12, ADC10, A360, A380, A356, 6061, 6063
Process:CNC Turning,CNC Milling, CNC Grinding;CNC Lathe Machining, CNC Boring, CNC Drilling
Surface treatment:Polished,Polishing,Drawing,Oxidation,Paint Spraying,Plating
Accuracy:For features of size (Length,   width, height, diameter) and location (position, concentricity, symmetry) +/-   0.005”.
Testing facility:CMM,Projector, Roughness Tester, Hardness Tester, Concentricity Tester. Height Tester.
Features & Advantage:1.High machining accuracy, the flatness within 0.1mm.
2.High strength and not easy to deform, has good electrical and thermal   conductivity.
3.High finish appearance,smooth surface roughness is Ra1.6 after   machining.
4.No granules, no spots and no painting peel off in appearance.
5.Smooth appearance, corrosion resistance.
6.Pass 20000 Times Wear Resistance Test. 
Certificate: CE, TUV, SGS or TPI
Package:EPE foam/ Anti-Rust Paper/ Stretch Film/ Plastic bag and Carton or per customes'requirement
Application:Mechanical Equipment,Electrical Appliance,Automobile Parts,Audio-video Equipment,Robotic Industry,Communications Equipment,etc.