Stainless Steel Parts

Stainless steel is a special alloy of steel. Since it has anticorrosive elements, this steel has been widely used in a variety of corrosive environments. It ensures the safety of our workplace, extends the life of the building, and keeps the surface of the food equipment sanitary.

There are four main types of stainless steel. Among them, the Austenitic type is the most widely used type. It has a nickel content of at least 7%, which makes it very flexible. It is used in a range of household goods products, industrial plumbing and containers, building structures, and building facades.

Ferrite stainless steel has similar properties to low carbon steel but better corrosion resistance. This steel is usually used for washing machines, boilers, and interior buildings. Martensite stainless steel is a very hard, solid steel. It contains about 13% of chromium, used for making blades and turbine blades. There is also a double phase steel which is a composite of austenitic and ferrite steel. The steel is both strong and flexible. Dual-phase steel is most commonly used in the paper, pulp, and shipbuilding industries. They are also widely used in the petrochemical industry.  

Material:Alloy Steel
Process:CNC Turning,CNC Milling, CNC Grinding;CNC Lathe Machining, CNC Boring, CNC Drilling
Surface treatment:Hardness anodizing black/clear colors,Steel oxidizing dark-blue, Electro-polishing, Eectroless Nickel plating, Chrome plating, Silver plating, Golden plating 
Accuracy:Accuracy Of Machining: +/-0.01 mm         Accuracy of Grinding:   +/-0.005   mm
Surface Roughness: Ra0.8                          Parallelism: +/-0.005mm
Verticality: +/-0.005mm                              Concentricity:     0.003mm
Testing facility:CMM,Projector, Roughness Tester, Hardness Tester, Concentricity Tester. Height Tester.
Certificate:CE, TUV, SGS or TPI
Package:EPE foam/ Anti-Rust Paper/   Stretch Film/ Plastic bag and Carton or per customes'requirement
Application:Applications in Automotive, Electronics, Electrical, Communication Equipment, Architecture, Energy, Medical Equipment, Furniture, LED, Bicycle, Aviation, etc