Washers are the part of the pad between the connector and the nut. Generally flat metal ring used to protect the surface of the connector from nut abrasion and disperse nut pressure on the connector. The combination gasket is made of rubber ring and metal ring overall bonded sulfur and is used to seal thread and flange connections, which includes a metal ring and a rubber sealing kit.

Type:Flat Gaskets, Steel Gaskets, Spherical Gaskets, Cone Gaskets, Square Inclined Gaskets, Standard Spring Gaskets, Light Spring Gaskets, Heavy Spring gaskets, Inner Tooth Lock Gaskets, Outer Tooth Lock Gaskets, Outer Sabretooth Lock Gaskets, Stop Gaskets, Etc.
Material:Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, NBR,SBR,HNBR,EPDM,SILICONE,VITON,CR,FFKM,etc
ProcessMachining and CNC for Customized
FinishingZinc(Yellow,White,Blue,Black),   Hot Dip Galvanized(HDG), Black, Geomet,Dacroment, anodization, Nickel plated,   Zinc-Nickel plated
Package:Bulk packing in plastic bag, small box, big carton, pallet   and so on.

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