Screw refers to a class of fasteners composed of the head and screw, It is a tool to tighten the machine step by step using the physical and mathematical principles of the circular rotation and friction of the object. It can be divided into three types by use: machine screws, tightening screws, and special purpose screws. Machine screws are mainly used for a part tightening a threaded hole, a fastening connection between a part with through holes, requiring no nut fitting (this connection is known as a screw connection and also a detachable connection; or with a nut for fastening connection between two parts with open holes.) The tightening screws are mainly used to secure the relative position between the two parts. Special use screws such as lifting ring screws are available for lifting parts.

Type:Hexagon head, Hexagon head with flange, Square head, T head, Mushroom head, Cheese head, Round head, Pan head, Countersunk head (flat head), Raised countersunk head, etc.
Material:Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel,   Brass, Aluminium
ProcessMachining and CNC for Customized
FinishingZinc(Yellow,White,Blue,Black),   Hot Dip Galvanized(HDG), Black, Geomet,Dacroment, anodization, Nickel plated,   Zinc-Nickel plated
Package:Bulk packing in plastic bag, small box, big carton, pallet   and so on.

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